From the Chair

dear members and friends of ceft:

Thank you for visiting our Web site. We plan to update this site periodically, so this is a good place to find current information about our various programs as well as notices about upcoming meetings.

We are proud of the three programs that we have funded at Texas universities -- the Texas Chair in Czech Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, the William J. Hlavinka Fellowship at Texas A&M University, and the Frank J. and Hermine Hurta Kostohryz Residency in Czech Music and Culture at the University of North Texas. Each program is supported by a permanent endowment that we established, but it is possible to enhance these programs in various ways and we welcome supplementary donations - they will be put to good use. For example, it will be expensive to support the ambitious performances and Czech musical tours currently being planned for the Residency at UNT, but I know how much these programs will be appreciated by audiences from around the State. And we at CEFT are discussing plans for another big project at another Texas university to help preserve and promote Czech language and culture, so watch this site for news about that.

Needless to say, we would greatly appreciate your monetary donations, but also, if you share our goals, why not consider membership in the CEFT? We are always looking for energetic and committed people to help us with our work. Young people are particularly welcome: most of us officers and directors have been around for a long time and we need the younger generation to prepare to take over the responsibilities of the foundation. There are many opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the CEFT in the near future if you join us now.

From my office here at Texas A&M University, I would like to invite all Texas Czechs to become familiar with the journal Kosmas -- the only academic journal in the English language that focuses on Czech and Slovak Studies -- that has found its home at Texas A&M. Please visit the Kosmas site and find out more about this important journal that is sponsored by the SVU (Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences). I accepted the editorship of Kosmas in 2000 and I am pleased to say that our managing editor -- David Z. Chroust -- is also a member of CEFT.

Like President Smith, I welcome you to contact me if you have questions or would like to have more information about CEFT.

Sincerely yours,


Clinton Machann
Chairman, Board of Directors
The Czech Educational Foundation of Texas